A Mark of Quality

A Mark of Quality

A Mark of Quality

A Mark of Quality

As a result of commitment to planning quality into our service we have received a number of awards

One of the most important values of our philosophy is that we plan quality into our service and do not leave it to chance or judgement. As a result of commitment to planning quality into our service we have received a number of awards and accreditations.

The Dignity in Care award and Gold Standards Framework accreditation shows our commitment to providing quality care to our residents. The Investors in People award demonstrates the success of our “Developing for the Future” programme and our determination to ensuring our staff are active stakeholders in the success of the service we provide. Our high success rate in regulatory and local authority inspections proves our competence in effective planning and management.

Inspections and Awards

Regulatory Inspections:

Each year we are inspected by the regulatory authority, the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The inspections are unannounced and the inspector will look at the care service to ensure it meets national standards. During the inspections the CQC ask people about their experiences, talk to care staff, check that the right systems and processes are in place and ensure that we are compliant in meeting national standards. The CQC stopped issuing ratings for care homes in 2010.

Dignity in Care:

Dignity in Care is a Department of Health initiative that Manchester City Council launched in October 2007. The campaign seeks to promote best practice for all those who care for adults in the Manchester Area.

We were the first to achieve the Dignity in Care award and we are proud to be recognised as a Dignity home and proud that we have maintained our Dignity status since 2007. The Dignity in Care campaign was inspired by the poem “If I had my life over, I’d pick more daisy’s” and the daisy is the recognised symbol of the campaign.

Every member of the team are Dignity Champions and all have agreed to follow the Dignity code.

Investors in People:

Our homes have been recognised by Investors in People for the past six years. We have periodic inspections by an independent assessor to ensure that we are meeting the requirements of the IIP accreditation and in April 2013 we were re-assessed and received a glowing report from the assessor. Investors in People is a quality accreditation where the independent assessor looks at how our business objectives are performed through our people. The expectation is that we focus on our business objectives and achieve these through our employees. At the heart of the Investors in People is a framework of best practice that is outcome focused.


Gold Standards Framework:

The Gold Standard Framework is a nationally recognised accredited award and seeks to promote best practice for all individuals who suffer from a life limiting illness or at the end of life.

The aim is to improve quality at the end of life, prevent hospital admission and treat symptoms of a disease. It also recognises the psychological, social and spiritual needs of an individual and focuses on the care delivered to ensure their wishes and preferences are addressed.

We are proud that we achieved the COMMEND status and accreditation for all the work we have done to make a difference at the end of life.