We understand that we are more than a provider of care services; we are the home of our residents.

We recognise that moving into a care home can be a traumatic experience, not only for the resident but also for family and friends.

We are committed to providing prospective residents and their family/representatives with the information necessary for them to make an informed choice of placement, to assessing the needs and expectations of the individual prior to admission ensuring they can be met and to provide the support, information and resources to ensure that the resident is made to feel secure and comfortable after admission.

Assessing needs

We recognise that the decision to move a loved one into a care home will not be made lightly and the pre-admission phase aims to ensure that prospective residents or their representatives are provided with the necessary information to enable them to make an informed choice. Our admissions process has been designed to ensure that we can provide a suitable environment and meet the needs of the resident.

Before we offer a placement, we carry out a comprehensive pre-admission assessment of all prospective residents to ensure that we can meet their needs. We also encourage prospective residents to visit the home, and where they can to come and have lunch with us, and discuss their expectations with the care team. Only after we are certain that we are able to meet the needs and expectations of the prospective resident, will a place in the home be offered.

Becoming a part of our community

As soon as a new resident arrives, we will ensure that they are made as comfortable as possible and welcomed in a manner that will reduce any anxiety. Our admission strategies are focused on providing the resident with the appropriate support and guidance on the first and early days to ensure they settle into and are comfortable with their new surroundings. We understand that we are more than a provider of care services, we are the home of our residents and it is important to us that they quickly develop a sense of ownership.

We are committed to:

  • providing appropriate information to enable the resident to make informed choices;
  • encouraging an introductory visit where we can discuss the individuals expectations;
  • obtaining referral information containing the residents diagnosis, daily living skills, disabilities and social/medical history in order to assess the needs of the individual prior to admission to ensure we can meet their individual care needs;
  • involving the resident in the every part of the process to ensure that their plan of care is centred around their aspirations and expectations
  • encourage residents to participate is shared decision making regarding their care, lifestyles and home community in order for them to develop a sense of ownership.

For more information on our admissions process or if you would like to discuss any aspect of the home or would like to arrange a viewing then please contact Laura on 0161 947 0874 or 0161 681 7410