Daily Living

We ensure that every resident continues to enjoy all aspects of their daily lives

We ensure that every resident will continue to enjoy all aspects of their daily lives, which includes recreational, cultural, social and occupational activities. All residents will be assisted in exercising choice and control over their personal lives and issues. Differing expectations and preferences will be accommodated. We understand that we are more than a provider of care services, we are the home of our residents and it is important to us that they quickly develop a sense of ownership.

The capacity for social activity will vary according to the individual and special support and assistance will be given when appropriate. We will strive to make the routines of daily living flexible and varied to suit the expectations, preferences and capacities of our residents. Residents are encouraged to maintain social relationships made outside of the home and we will support the maintenance of such relationships where we can.

Where nursing care is required it is the policy of the home to implement a holistic person centred plan of care, using recognised models of nursing which will identify the individual needs of each resident and enhance their quality of life. We are committed to involving residents in their own care and treatment, with decisions made in partnership and we ensure that both they, and their family, fully understand the care, treatment and support choices available to them.