Resident's Charter

Resident's Charter

Resident's Charter

Resident’s Charter

All residents will be assisted in exercising choice and control over their personal lives and issues


Each and every one of us is accountable for the way in which we determine our lives. This does not change when an individual’s circumstances change and the make the decision to move into a care home.

We ensure that every resident will continue to enjoy all aspects of their daily lives, which includes recreational, cultural, social and occupational activities. All residents will be assisted in exercising choice and control over their personal lives and issues. Differing expectations and preferences will be accommodated.

We understand that we are more than a provider of care services, we are the home of our residents and it is important to us that they quickly develop a sense of ownership. The management and care team respect the right of each resident to lead an independent and fulfilling life as possible. In this respect the following charter will be observed by all care staff.

Independence and Rights

It is our philosophy to promote and maintain the independence of each resident, we will do this by:

  • allowing and supporting residents to make decisions and choices that enable them to live their lives as they choose;
  • recognising the individual right to take risks as part of maintaining an independent lifestyle;
  • supporting residents to maintain links with family and friends and significant others;
  • supporting residents to maintain involvement with community life outside the home by accessing shops, cinemas, pubs, places of worship etc.;
  • supporting residents to pursue their own interests and hobbies and participate in all appropriate internal and external recreational activities;
  • supporting residents to vote in Local and General elections;

Privacy and Dignity

We aim to provide an environment that respects the need for privacy, and where residents are treated with courtesy, respect and dignity at all times. To support this, our residents:

  • are encouraged to express their views and opinions on all matters that affect their daily lives;
  • determine how they wish to be addressed;
  • use their rooms as they wish for entertaining, leisure and meals;
  • choose what to wear, when to get up and when to go to bed;
  • choose who they want to socialise with;
  • choose where they want to have their meals;
  • can furnish and equip their rooms in a style of their choice, within reason;
  • can lock their rooms and keep personal items in a lockable storage space;
  • determine the range and diversity of their social interaction, and;
  • administer their own medication, where able;


We recognise the right of the individual resident to live the lifestyle of his/her choosing (subject to the appropriate risk assessment). As part of our assessment of need we will discuss the prospective resident’s religious needs and how we can support them.